Anti aging services

Anti-aging medicine is an evolving branch of medical science and applied medicine. It treats the underlying causes of aging and aims at alleviating any age related ailment. Its goal is to extend the healthy lifespan of humans having youthful characteristics.

We offer a range of testing and specific screening aimed at prolonging life, health and well being, as well as anti-aging, aesthetic beauty and skin and organic health. Our anti-aging tests are specifically designed to spot illness and harmful health factors ahead of time and maximize the body’s genetic and cellular defenses to protect against harmful toxins and pollutants that may cause illness and premature aging.

Markaziah Clinique’s Anti Aging department at Beirut – Lebanon, has specially designed customized solutions in anti aging medicine with regard to health and aesthetics. Our advanced clinical protocols, wide range of modalities and anti aging therapies recommended and practiced by us revolves around what we call “The seven pillars of beauty and long life”, foundation for our anti aging philosophy and protocols for ever ending quest for the “Fountain of youth” and long life… now is in our reach!

Around the world, people are seeking medical guidance for ways to stay healthy, active, and vital well into their older years. As a result, the principles of the anti-aging lifestyle are gaining rapid and widespread acceptance as a framework for lifelong habits for healthy living.

During your initial visit to Markaziah Clinique (Beirut – Lebanon), Dr. Faisal Chatila will assess your overall health and determine your hormone levels. Then, he will develop an individualized anti-aging plan focused on treating your symptoms in the most effective way possible.

Contact us to make an appointment, we can help you look more youthful and fight the effects of aging: +961-1 991 231 / 238

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