Cardiology services

Your heart is your body’s engine, driving your blood to where it’s needed most and keeping your vital systems functioning properly. Beating 100,000 times every day, it is involved in providing nutrients and removing waste products. So, like any engine, it needs regular checkups and works most efficiently if properly maintained.

Our private cardiologists have expertise in all branches of cardiovascular medicine and are committed to offering you a personalized service during your assessment and treatment: Angina, Aortic Stenosis, Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), Blackouts, Breathlessness, Cardiovascular Health, Screening, Carotid Artery Stenosis, Chest Pain, Heart Failure, Heart Rhythm Problems, High Blood Pressure, Palpitations, Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Vasovagal Syncope…

Our cardiology service uses cutting-edge clinical innovations to treat and prevent heart conditions and offers a full range of investigations, treatments and management for cardiac conditions.

Our cardiologists team led by Doctor Bachir Cham offers a comprehensive, patient-centred Cardiology service. Based at Beirut DownTown, we can help you whether you are well but worried about your heart disease risk, or have symptoms that you feel are heart-related. Markaziah Clinique’s top-ranked team of cardiologists diagnoses and treats many heart conditions, including many rare and complex disorders. Our department of Cardiovascular Medicine is one of the largest and most integrated in Lebanon.

Are you experiencing heart symptoms? Are you well and looking for an advanced heart check up? Contact us to make an appointment: +961-1 991 231 / 238

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