Markaziah Clinique

Markiziah Clinique Medical Center, with its highly qualified team of doctors, highlights once again Lebanon’s pioneering role in health care.

This health center fights for every beat of your life. Equiped with the most recent medical technologies, it is designed to rival local, regional and international standards. It also offers physical and psychiatric therapy practiced by a team of the best Lebanese doctors whose priority is your health.

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  • Beirut Central District, Gillasse St., Markaziah Bldg., Entrance 2, Fifth Floor.
  • Tel: +961 1 991 231 /+961 1 991 238
    +961 1 991 601 / +961 1 991 602
  • Mobile: +961 3 213 706
  • Fax: +961 1 991 232
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We take a preventative and proactive approach to healthcare and offer a full range of medical services, specialist medical consultations, health prevention and diagnosis.

General Medicine Services

Our general medicine service constitutes the basis for all other services. It is managed by Internal Medicine Specialists providing routine check ups, prescribing diagnostic studies, and referring patients to other relevant specialties.

Anti-Aging Services

Since the aging process accompanies us in all stages of life, we provide anti-aging treatments for physical well-being;in addition of treating endocrinology problems and nutrition care and weight loss services.

Neurology and Neuro-Surgery

This service provides the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic diseases including brain and spinal cord disorders, related imaging, electroencephalogram procedures.

Laboratory Services

Our center incorporates a laboratory in partnership with Laboratoire d'analyse medicales (Dr. Elie Hraoui), affiliated with the American Laboratory Association. We use the latest medical technologies which ensure accurate and reliable results.

Psychiatry Services

Based on the belief that psychiatric therapy is equally important as physical therapy, we offer psychiatric services treating a range of psychiatric diseases that may have long-term effects on the patient´s physical well-being.

Radiology Services

We provide various imaging services including X-Rays, Mammography, Dental Imaging, and Bone Marrow Densitometry, in addition to general echography and vascular studies. Our services also expand to cover Endoscopy.

Heart center

One of our most essential services since it includes all therapies related to heart, chest, and vascular diseases for adults and pediatrics. We do not only treat such cases but also offer prevention and diagnostic services including EKG and 24-hour holter monitor procedures.


Our dental services start from Dental Public Health to Oral Surgery and Implantation, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics & Pediatric Dentistry. With this line-up of dental services, we are keen to offering you a healthy teeth and a fabulous smile.


Based on the belief that eye sight is one of the most essential of human senses, we offer an array of advanced ophthalmology services.We diagnose and treat most common eye diseases including problems related to the retina, cornea, and the eye lens in addition to microvascular complications of diabetes.

Obsterics & Gynecology

We provide Obstetrics & Gynecology services at every stage of a woman´s life. This division is dedicated to provide expert reproductive and fertility services escorting you from pregnancy to delivery and afterwards. In addition, our specialists diagnose and treat all medical/surgical problems in addition to menopause care.


We offer treatment for all ear, nose, and throat diseases, in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo and auditory problems of all types. Through this service, we offer the latest technologies related to the diagnosis and rehabilitation of auditory and speech problems.

Chronic diseases

This service takes care of patients with various chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and smoking problems. The service is managed by a team of specialized professionals offering quality therapies and prevention of chronic disease and its complications.

Trust your body

  • Loosing from 4 to 44 kilos, from 7 to 74 years
  • Endocrinologist / Dietitian
  • Physiotherapist / Coach
  • Dermato - Esthetics
  • Laser / Diode - E Light
  • Body Shaping