Your health

Is our concern

Markiziah Clinique Medical Center (Beirut), with its highly qualified team of doctors, highlights once again Lebanon's pioneering role in health care. This health center fights for every beat of your life. Equipped with the most recent medical technologies, our polyclinic is designed to rival local, regional and international standards. It also offers physical and psychiatric therapy practiced by a team of the best Lebanese doctors whose priority is your health.

Therapies involve Radiology, Endoscopy, Laboratory, Dentistry, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Psychiatry, General Medicine, Cardiology, Arteriology, Chronic Disease and Anti-Aging Medicine.
With thorough commitment, Markaziah Clinique offers personal well-being, and anti-aging programs for mind and body.

Medical services

More than 20 Medical specialties are available, thus, providing each patient with complete medical care.

Diagnostic services

Laboratory and Radiology services are immediately available during your visit to the Clinic at Beirut.

Other services

Dietary Consultations and Physical Therapy are a part on the integrated services that we offers.

Markaziah clinique

We see the patient as an individual with unique needs. Each journey in our polyclinic is specifically determined by pre-assessment and advice, through treatment and aftercare, drawing on main stream medical services complemented by holistic support, in full consultation with the patient.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding patient care through commitment to the community, groundbreaking research and inspired teaching.
Our vision at Markaziah Clinique (Beirut DownTown) is to create a healthier world one life at time, through new science, new medicine and new cures.

Qualified team

Markaziah Clinique Medical Center, with its highly qualified team of doctors, highlights once again Lebanon's pioneering role in health care! Our multi-disciplinary healthcare team will partner with you to create a complete, supportive treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals.

We are medical center with rich history

We are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through basic science and applied clinical research. We commit to regular self-evaluation of our practice and continuous quality improvement to assure patient safety.