Psychiatry services

Markaziah Clinique (Medical clinic (center) located at Beirut Dowtown – Lebanon) provides comprehensive behavioral health and psychiatric care. Consultation and ongoing treatment is provided by staff psychiatrists, physicians and psychologists for a wide range of disorders. The clinic also provides treatment for specialized populations including seniors, women, and patients with a co-existing medical disorder.

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. The psychiatrists at our medical center are medical doctors (an M.D. or D.O.) who specialize in mental health, including substance use disorders. Our psychiatrists are qualified to assess both the mental and physical aspects of psychological problems.

People seek psychiatric help for many reasons. The problems can be sudden, such as a panic attack, frightening hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, or hearing “voices.” Or they may be more long-term, such as feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or anxiousness that never seem to lift or problems functioning, causing everyday life to feel distorted or out of control.

Our psychiatrists can order or perform a full range of medical laboratory and psychological tests which, combined with discussions with patients, help provide a picture of a patient’s physical and mental state. Their education and clinical training equip them to understand the complex relationship between emotional and other medical illnesses and the relationships with genetics and family history, to evaluate medical and psychological data, to make a diagnosis, and to work with patients to develop treatment plans.

Markaziah Clinique (Medical clinic (center) located at Beirut Dowtown – Lebanon) psychiatry services, treatments and programs offer patients access to the latest evidence-based practices and advances in clinical treatment of psychiatric illnesses. We pride ourselves in spending time with our patients, allowing us to find an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate plan for treatment. Our clinic is staffed by a variety of practitioners with decades of experience in a variety of therapies including medication management, group couples and individual psychotherapy, psychological testing and psychoeducational groups.

Psychiatry services and treatments at our medical center draw upon the strength of a multidisciplinary team combined with leading research to ensure that you get the best care available. Comprehensive mental health assessments and treatments are coordinated by our experienced psychiatrists. Together, we’ll build a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs.

Contact us to make an appointment and explore our innovative psychiatry services and treatments: +961-1 991 231 / 238

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