Teeth whitening

Mineers smile center (Markaziah Clinique Beirut – Lebanon) is revolutionizing the teeth whitening industry. Our proprietary cosmetic teeth whitening system offers immediate results at an affordable price. Here at Mineers smile center we offer a quick, pain free, and enamel safe process that produces guaranteed results.

Straight teeth are one thing but nothing compares to the pizzazz of having the perfect pearly whites. Our aim is to deliver the best in innovative laser teeth whitening. The light accelerating bleaching technology we use gives an instant and long lasting result of pearly white perfection.

As one of Beirut’s leading teeth whitening centers, we employ highly qualified professionals dedicated to the work they do, to the care they take and to the results they give. Forget ‘at home’ whitening kits that don’t work. Forget the promises of whitening toothpastes. With just a one hour cosmetic teeth whitening session, you’ll see instant results.

Whether you’re after teeth whitening for job prospects, confidence issues or simply a top up on your natural colour, Harley Teeth Whitening in London is the right answer to put a bright smile on your face today.

Teeth whitening can give you back the appearance of young healthy teeth, by lightening the colour of your natural teeth and removing any stains. Poor hygiene, smoking and marks from strong coloured food and drink can all cause tooth discolouration which over time, can affect your self-esteem.

Book an appointment to check if your teeth and gums are suitable for the whitening treatment: +961-1 991 231 / 238

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